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Anchor Stevens tells a poignant tale
The story of job loss and rebuilding...at middle age

A Book for Our Times: Anchor Stevens' award-winning story about the experience of falling unexpectedly into poverty at mid-life and what his character, Jimbo, does about it. Winner of the 2009 book-length annual Eaton Literary award. Check out this review at Vogel's Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review, June 2012. 

Anchor on the move.
Anchor Stevens on Loss, Grief and Perseverance
What does he do when the bottom falls out?

Born: New York City
Early years: Lived in Astoria, then northern New Jersey.
Education: Attended distinguished art and design school, received BFA
Professional career: Began as a young art director, currently own small media strategy, marketing and design communications firm. Busy freelancing and consulting, about to start-up some new on-line enterprises.
Avocations: Animals, photography, painting, travel
About "Pipedream: Life at Middle Age:" This story is fiction grounded in personal experience. It chronicles a year in the life of Jimbo, beginning when he loses his 4th job in less than a decade, just as the economic bubble is about to pop. The story documents his fall from the middle class and what he discovers in the experience of impoverishment as it slowly, then quickly, envelops him--
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It is also available on Amazon.
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Sketches drawn by Anchor Stevens to help get at what has occurred. These are not included in the publication of this book, but may show up in a subsequent edition.

Endless job searches on-line.
Sketch by Anchor Stevens
"Nothing to show for it."

Fruitless Phone Interviews
Sketch by Anchor Stevens
"Nothing to Show for It."

Utter Exhaustion
Sketch by Anchor Stevens
"Nothing to Show for It"

Jimbo's transplanted tree
Sketch by Anchor Stevens
"Nothing to show for it."

Daily walk through woods...
Sketch by Anchor Stevens
Getting some peace with his 2 dogs

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your job "going away?"
Brace yourselves. Once was true that companies were looking for good people. Now, they look for good "fits," and only on an "if we have to," basis. Whose job is not in jeopardy?
11:53 pm edt 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pie Shrinking?

Is all this talk about massive debt, budget cuts, tax increases, entitlement programs and the atrophying of the American economic fabric due to one reason, and one reason only?

If you add the minus $15 trillion in lost wealth that has occurred in the past 3 years plus the $14 trillion in new debt, and you use the basketball system of accounting (when one team loses the ball, the other team takes it over and scores two points. Net difference, -4 points), you can conclude that our net loss totals about $30 trillion dollars. If you divide this by the approximate 100 million who make up the workforce, you arrive at a number that approximates what each working citizen owes the US Government. If you divide this by 300 million Americans, you get what every man, woman and child owes, in personal debt. In other words, the pie is not expanding, but shrinking.

In this man's view, no single change in policy will provide to make up for this kind of loss. The only remedy that will work to restore economic health is to fertilize, grow and nurture new enterprise. For those who have forgotten a simple lesson, this is where our wealth came from. This is what we have relinquished. This is what we have let rot.

10:05 pm edt 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your Company
How many employees are over 50 years old? What percentage is this?
10:44 am edt 

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